Weekly Public CPR Classes

Certified, hands-on CPR Classes open to the public for ALL provider levels. PTI hosts weekly CPR Classes at our 3 training locations in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto.

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Onsite CPR Classes

We are the Group Training Leaders of Northern California! Since 2001, PTI has provided onsite CPR classes for Homes, Businesses, Non-Profits and Government Agencies.

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CPR Classes in Sacramento California

- CPR Classes at Three Locations -

We offer CPR Classes every week! Students will enjoy a clean and professional classroom environment.


Sacramento CPR Office

Professional Training Institute
11344 Coloma Road Ste 215
Gold RiverCA 95670 USA
Phone: 916-259-0043
CPR Classes Sacramento


CPR Classes Stockton California

Professional Training Institute
@National University
3520 Brookside Road
StocktonCA 95219 USA
Phone: 209-599-2203
CPR Classes Stockton CA

NEW - Modesto

CPR Classes Manteca

Professional Training Institute
1620 North Carpenter Road D57-A
ModestoCA 95351 USA
Phone: 209-599-2203
CPR Classes Modesto CA

- 100% Money Back Guarantee -

Certified and In-Person CPR Classes taught by the Professionals! Receive your card after class!


About 90 Minutes

BLS / Healthcare

AHA Compliant
Healthcare Professionals
About 2 Hours

CPR + First Aid

About 3 Hours
Includes AED

BLS + First Aid

AHA Compliant
Healthcare Professionals
About 3-4 Hours

- Welcome to Professional Training Institute, Inc. -

Since 2001, Professional Training Institute, Inc. has been Northern California’s trusted leader in Individual and Large Group CPR Classes.

CPR Classes in Sacramento

What separates us from the competitors is our that our entire team of instructors is made up of local first responders and professionals including Firefighters, Paramedics, Military, Law Enforcement and EMT’s. Our CPR classes provide common sense, to-the-point knowledge and skills to each student to help prepare them for real-life emergencies! PTI provides Weekly CPR Classes at our three classroom locations in Sacramento CA, Stockton CA, and Modesto CA. We also provide Onsite CPR training to groups or businesses throughout Northern California including CPR classes in Manteca CA, CPR classes in Tracy CA, CPR classes in Turlock CA, CPR classes in Merced CA and CPR classes in Elk Grove CA! WE COME YO YOU! Our skilled instructors will bring the classroom to your home, office or business. PTI is a Nationally Accredited Training Center through the American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI). All our CPR class certifications meet American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines and are OSHA Approved! Our CPR classes are also much shorter in order to focus on the need-to-know information versus simply reading through the book.

Every year nearly 400,000 cardiac arrests occur in the United States including the many in the Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto and Fresno region. Of those, 88% happen at home, many witnessed by a close family member or relative. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at anytime, including children. Many people confuse the term “heart attack” with “cardiac arrest”. These are two very different emergencies. During a “heart attack”, the heart is still beating but has suffered damage. In cardiac arrest, the heart has completely lost its function and ability to pump blood. Heart attacks secondary to heart disease is the leading cause of cardiac arrest.

As first responders, PTI’s instructors have the unique opportunity to witness real cardiac arrest victims and the necessity of life saving CPR. Unfortunately, we also are forced to see the devastating consequences of when CPR was not performed.

Sadly, only about 32% of cardiac arrest victims receive CPR when they need it. Most bystanders rely simply on local 911 responders to come in and fix any problems they are faced with. The sad reality of this is that the 2015, Untied States national average 911 response time is not fast enough to reach these victims before they become permanently brain dead and thus unviable. It’s simply a time game. 911 can’t get there in time so they desperately rely on bystanders to step up and provide CPR to buy more time. PTI’s CPR Class stresses concepts like the “brain clock” in all of our CPR classes in order to give our students a better understanding of what the purpose of CPR training is. Here in Northern California, there is a significant need to train more people in CPR training and also teach people the real-life, usable skills they can apply when faced with these emergencies.

Sacramento CPR

PTI was created to fill that need and since our start, we have been one of the leaders in CPR classes and certifications throughout Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and are the trusted leader in CPR and First Aid classes. Effective CPR given to victims of cardiac arrest prior to the arrival of first responder’s can triple the survival rates for these victims. Providing hard and fast chest compressions in addition to rescue breaths can keep victims alive long enough for 911 responders to arrive and provide continued care.

Communities we also serve include: